SunRising Drums Groovy Bulldog Snare Drums


Music has been my passion for all my life, in 1985, when i was just a four years old kid, i received my first drumkit as a Christmas gift from my parents cause i’ve always been attracted by this instrument… when i was eleven years old i had my first public concert, since that moment, my passion has been always with me, in good and bad times and this love evolved over the years working with some of the greatest artists on the planet; during this evolution i found interest in several aspects of making music that opened a lot my point of view.

I’m a drummer and this is a fact but over the years i developed some interest in running my own recording studio especially dedicated to the recording and mixing of acoustic drums, and over the last few years i’ve invested my time (and a lot of money) in the research of the “perfect sound…” collecting a lot of great microphones, drumsets and snares…

My father had in mind over the years to build my own snare drum from the early days as he was a great artisan but he had been always to busy with work and had not the chance to release this project…

so in 2020 i putted together my father’s project from 20 years earlier with my interest in choosing the right materials and mesures and with my brother’s artisan abilities to release my own instrument…

making a snare that had to satisfy my own requests as an experienced musician with over 30 years of activity in the businnes.



“Pure and defined sound for your recordings, personally selected and tested… In the old way with support of technology… This is what I was looking for, this is what wanted to play when I decided to ask my brother to make my own snare drum; This is the concept behind… And when I heard it was as good as I had figured in my mind… then, Why don’t offer this concept to other musicians that maybe were looking for the same thing…Snare drum is one of the most important elements of a drumset… We don’t offer just a snare, we offer a concept and a sound!”

Marco Maggiore


HAVE A LISTEN (we suggest quality headphones or studio monitors)



SunRising Drums Groovy Bulldog Original

SunRising Drums Groovy Bulldog Original

14″x5,5″ Natural Brass Finish


SunRising Drums Groovy Bulldog Limited “Black Special” Edition

SunRising Drums Groovy Bulldog Limited Black Special Edition







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